Souzan Bachir (MBA, PCC, ORSCC)

is a business owner, credentialed by International Coach federation (ICF) as a Professional certified Coach (PCC), a certified executive, relationship and systems coach, cross-culture trainer and coach with years of training and experience in international business, intercultural effectiveness, leadership and team development. She is also an international business consultant, trainer and assessor. For the last 10 years, Souzan has walked the spiritual path and in the process has discovered valuable insights to transformation and change. She has also journeyed with individuals, groups, communities and organizations on their own paths to their inner discovery.
In her consulting function, she designs and implements processes that support organizations in the areas of employee retention, leadership excellence and strategic focus. As an energetic, dedicated coach, Souzan does executive coaching to help her clients achieve outcomes at work, aligned with their personal goals. She does team coaching to increase performance and positivity of teams, to help them achieve their goals and to sustain productivity of the team. She coaches conflict in teams and all managerial levels using her coaching skills and Process Work Conflict resolution methods.
Souzan’s positivity and clarity are strengths and help motivate and inspire people towards their goals. She is colorful and brings a high level of vibrancy to the workplace, thus helping increase profit and enhance the workplace culture. Her passion is to make leadership training available to everyone in the world, and to be an agent of change for the world. At its core, her professional work focuses on supporting individuals and organizations manage change as well as achieve excellence in who they are, what they do and the impact they want to create for the world.
Souzan delivers cross cultural trainings, personal development workshops and co-leads leadership programs in Middle East, Europe, North Africa and USA.
Souzan loves travelling and connecting with people from different cultures. She is full of life, energy and with high emotional intelligence which makes it easy for her to deepen her connection with people and reach their heart.
Souzan has presented as a keynote speaker in International business in national and international conferences, Industry and Trade Chamber of Commerce. She was a panelist in ICF Turkey Chapter Conference.