Frequently Asked Questions

What is unique about this leadership program?
It is a competency-based, transformational, experiential leadership program. It includes an essential professional/personal coach and an action learning lab, which keeps participants engaged and connected through the duration of the session.   

Who can participate?
All adults can apply. LeaderImpact offers the region and the world something that will revolutionize the way people view themselves as beings created and placed in the world for a purpose, endowed with the capacity for sustained change and ongoing preservation of the planet.

LeaderImpact introduces a different way of being. The curriculum is rigorous and challenging. It is intended for people who want their lives transformed, who need sustained change, who want to be the best for the world, with a strong desire to have a significant impact in the world.

How much does it cost?
Please contact Souzan Bachir at +905324212522 or for detailed information and payment details.

The tuition fee is all-inclusive and covers the program, lodging, all meals, participant manuals and resources.

What is the time commitment?
Your application and tasks in preparation for the first retreat will take about two hours. The first retreat begins in the morning of the date announced , continues for a 2 full days with an overnight stay and concludes in the afternoon of the third day.

During the 12 weeks between sessions, participants should plan on spending approximately two hours each week for the Action Learning Lab, coaching, and on assignments.

The second retreat begins in the morning of the date announced, continues for a 2 full days with an overnight stay and concludes in the afternoon of the third day.

What is the daily schedule like?
Each full day begins with breakfast at 7:00 a.m. and concludes at 9:00 p.m. There are adequate breaks and a variety of experiences, activities and processes that keep the day full and engaging. For maximum benefit, it is best to come to the LeaderImpact experience fully rested.

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