About Program

LeaderImpact is a transformational, high-impact, time-efficient, cost-effective, interculturally responsive and competency-based adult leadership experience. The program was designed in 2007 by Dr. Okokon Udo as lead designer and has been successfully offered in the United States in partnership with the Northwest Minnesota Foundation. It is being offered internationally as LeaderImpactGlobal through an exclusive partnership agreement between Distinctive Leader Options, Inc and the Northwest Minnesota Foundation. LeaderImpact is not just a leadership program. It is an experience, a movement aimed at democratizing leadership and making it available to everyone in every part of the globe.

LeaderImpact was designed after extensive assessment of what was needed and with the intent of being the best leadership program for the world. Offering LeaderImpact in Spain, Turkey, Dubai and Norway are the next step to fulfilling that vision. Our goal at LeaderImpact Way is to make LeaderImpact available to those who need it the most and are in positions to make the most impact on their world and the world.
LeaderImpact is different than any other leadership experience in existence. It is a transformational leadership experience, utilizing blended learning strategies to enhance the transfer of learning into real life. Participants will spend time at an initial retreat, developing a learning community, exploring their own unique leadership gifts and styles, and enhancing their awareness and skills around essential leadership competencies. Participants will share in the leadership of the learning community and begin to create a relationship at the initial retreat, which promises to carry forward as the difficult assimilation of learning happens back in the world from which they have come, and continues into the final and concluding retreat experience.

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