Navigating Complex Reality
White (2)Addresses the ability to respond effectively to the challenging realities of our time, including such things as change, geography, diversity, work-life balance, and socioeconomic issues. It also focuses on the need for leaders to have a crystal clear vision of what they stand for, and the principles they will live by, in order to remain grounded in the midst of the complex challenges presented by our world.


Communicating Effectively
Yellow (2)Focuses on the ability of participants to consistently have the desired impact they wish to make in their interpersonal communication. This includes building effective relationships through: listening to understand, clarifying one’s intent, designing and sustaining powerful alliances, and understanding and serving the needs of one’s audience.


Discovering and Mastering Self
Red (2)Critical to the success of all of the other competencies. It includes being able to articulate one’s strengths and having a plan for building upon them, as well as recognizing areas of nontalent and knowing how to mitigate their influence on one’s effectiveness. Discovering and Mastering Self is about knowing oneself well enough to recognize how to fully step into action as a leader, laying claim to one’s own authentic leadership style and power.


Developing People
black (2)This competency is essential for creating and sustaining effective work environments and communities, and for bringing about sustained change in the world. It focuses on the ability to understand others’ talents/ strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, as well as bringing out the best in others. Building effective community is the desired result of this competency.

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