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Life is a Precious Gift

If you are serious about your life you will notice that everyday is a gift to us. In our busy schedules we forget to notice that our life is very delicate, we only realize it when we see someone dying of some deadly disease or when some mishap happens in somebody else’s life, and we soon forget it because of our daily routine lifestyle. Life shouldn’t be measured by quantity but quality.

Life is a precious gift, and one should adore that gift by not wasting it. When you start realizing the importance of life you will start considering your life as a gift, a precious gift. You may feel that your life is stagnant and still without anything new happening, and you repeat the same routine of everyday life, but you are wrong because you wake up each day to unwrap a new gift, a new beginning. Our life is too small to waste any second, anything can happen in the next second so stop wasting the time that you are living now. Start realizing that it is a gift before it vanishes away, be wise enough to use the time. When you start realizing life’s importance you will notice the gifts life brings to you each day when you wake up, consider these gifts as new opportunities and use them to your advantage. You might wake up to unwrap a new gift which you might not like but remember each of us are unique and different from each other so appreciate what you get each day. Sometimes the things we get in our lives might not make sense but we need to do it, because its our lives and nobody else will do it other than you, so do it now since you might not be able to do it later as life isn’t unlimited. Make yourself ready now cause it might be little late if you might think of getting ready the next time, which is why today is called the present because today when we wake up it’s a gift. It’s an incredible present, life is giving you an opportunity to do what you can do now rather than doing it later.

Life is a gift, so understand yourself and feel that everyday comes with a purpose, some of them might excite you and some might not. Remember to go with the flow, because you live once.

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